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MyVenue Team

NCR Quest Support

MyVenue supports NCR Quest venues and is an NCR reseller.

Our POS support includes 24/7/365 phone, remote access, and e-mail support from multiple Helpdesk offices with a support team that lives & breathes stadiums.

Crucially, MyVenue's deeply experienced Product Specialist team, who collectively share over 100 years of NCR Quest knowledge, can also provide on-site event monitoring and professional services to train or help maintain your POS system.


NCR Quest Preferred Transition Partner

A controlled transition to MyVenue's cloud-based event-driven mobile commerce POS solution gives venues the choice of:

  1. Continuing to use their existing 'on-premise' NCR Quest system
  2. Switch to MyVenue's cloud-based solution, even re-using your existing NCR Quest Android POS terminals
  3. A combination of both options

These options help venues save valuable up-front capital expenditure while enjoying minimal disruptions in a low-risk setting while they transition over 3 months or 3 years.

MyVenue's mvPOS software is hardware agnostic, and can be deployed on a range of NCR and Android devices like the PX10, PX15 or T1000 terminals.

Add to this our native out-of-the-box mvMobile phone ordering that features a patent-pending mobile ordering platform, plus the best-in-class reporting dashboard & inventory management system, MyVenue is the next-generation POS solution for stadiums & arenas.

Adelaide Oval

Controlled Transition Case Study – Adelaide Oval

Adelaide Oval is currently transitioning to MyVenue's POS solution using our mvLink technology.

The 53,000-seat stadium has elected to use a combination of legacy NCR Quest technology and MyVenue's cloud-based solution. This has ensured minimal disruptions as the venue's regular sporting & entertainment events continue.

Upon completion, 300+ POS terminals will be operational with MyVenue's all-inclusive POS technology and patent-pending mobile ordering technology.

Request NCR Quest Support

If your venue currently uses any of the end of life NCR Quest products (Quest Venue Manager, Quest Suites, Quest Suites Catering Online) and you would like to know more about our support options, please complete the contact form.