EFTPOS hardware: Tyro

mvPOS seamlessly integrates with Tyro’s EFTPOS devices, providing venues with powerful technology that improves customer experience and keeps queues short.

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Why Tyro?

Just like MyVenue’s next-gen POS solution, Tyro’s EFTPOS devices are fast, simple, and secure.

Fast & easy payments

Tyro accepts a wide range of payment types, including all major credit & debit cards, plus Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Like mvPOS, Tyro devices are lightning fast, with average transaction speeds of less than 1.5 seconds1.

Tyro EFTPOS mobile device


MyVenue and Tyro provide busy venues with flexible POS and payment options.

MyVenue can be quickly deployed and easily moved around the venue, giving operators freedom in when and where they deploy POS terminals.

When integrated with MyVenue, Tyro mobile EFTPOS empowers operators by allowing them to take payments on the go. The portable PIN pad device can be brought to customers to make for an easier & more convenient purchase for the patron.

Tyro EFTPOS counter top

POS redundancies

Tyro devices offer feature 4G connectivity, giving venues a fall-back option to process transactions online.

Tyro’s rechargeable lithium-ion battery similarly ensures the EFTPOS devices remain operational during power outages.

Technical support

Both MyVenue and Tyro offer 24/7 Customer Support.

Tyro product range

Who is Tyro?

Since 2003, Tyro has delivered innovative technology offering faster & more secure EFTPOS solutions for Australian businesses.

Tyro, the largest EFTPOS provider outside of the major banks2, provide tailored and integrated EFTPOS, eCommerce and banking solutions.

For more information, visit tyro.com.


1 Average time taken to authorise a Visa, Mastercard, EFTPOS payment transaction, during the period 1 Feb 2022 to 30 April 2022. Measured as the time elapsed from a cardholder presenting the card on the EFTPOS machine to the return of the authorisation on the EFTPOS machine from the card schemes.

2 As per the statistics detailed in Authorised Deposit-taking Institutions Points of Presence June 2020 issued by APRA in October 2020. Excludes EFTPOS providers who are not ADIs.

Next-gen POS For Leading Venues

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