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Serve Patrons Faster

  • Fast and easy to use
  • Ordering and payment from patron's mobile device
  • Table charging and function management at your fingertips
Driven by increasing pressure to grow their food and beverage revenues while reducing costs, pubs, clubs, cafes and bars operators are seeking innovative POS and mobile commerce solutions such as MyVenue.
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MyVenue's easy to use interface unlocks new value
  • Integrates with venues’ existing platforms such as venue operations, marketing, corporate sales and finance
  • Allows venue to reduce costs associated with renting expensive EFTPOS terminals and cash machines
  • Ability to manage food and beverage inventory in real time. With pre-ordering, venue can reduce wastage
  • Venue can see where, when and how consumers are interacting
  • Supports push notifications to drive patron behaviour
  • Customised reporting
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“mvPOS allows for quick and easy transactions which leads to faster throughput and fewer mistakes.

It was easy to train staff. Additionally, mvMobile has been brilliant for my business.

Allowing customers to pre-order, then process at the POS at a time of their choice.

They get their coffee made-to-order, fast, hot, and on-time, every time”

Kym Bond, General Manager, The Cathedral Hotel

Find out how MyVenue can help serve your patrons faster while lowering costs